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Nigella Sativa aka black cumin seed

Here is what the professionals are saying about Nigella Sativa aka black cumin seed the key ingredient in our flagship product Rain Soul 

“Black cumin seed has not been shown to treat cancer in humans.

Black cumin seed is used for cooking and in traditional medicine in India, Arabia, and Europe. Laboratory studies have shown that some components have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Small clinical studies suggest that black cumin seed may help to control high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.


To treat cancer
Animal studies have shown that black cumin seed can stop the growth of tumor cells and reduce the incidence of tumors. However, the effects in humans are unclear.

To protect the body from the adverse effect of radiation therapy
Topical application of an N. sativa gel decreased the severity of acute radiation dermatitis in breast cancer patients.

To decrease hypertension
Small studies suggest benefits in lowering hypertension.

To decrease symptoms of asthma
Studies show that black cumin seed may help to prevent asthmatic symptoms.

To treatment rheumatoid arthritis
One study shows black cumin seed oil when taken orally, can help reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

To treat diabetes
Small studies show benefits of black cumin seed in patients with diabetes.”

  To treatment rheumatoid arthritis One study shows black cumin seed oil when taken orally, can help reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

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